PT. Lingga Harapan is a company that produces bottled water located in Jalan Yos Sudarso RT.05 Kel. Sejinjang Kec. Jambi Timur, Kota Jambi. PT. Lingga Harapan was established in 1992 which until now produces bottled water in various packages including 330ml bottle, 600ml bottle, 1500ml also 120ml cup, 240ml cup and also 19 litre gallon packaging. At the moment, PT. Lingga Harapan manufactures bottled water with the brand Arthess and its sister brand Citra. PT. Lingga Harapan itself has also pocketed several certificates including but not limited to SNI: 01- 3553-2006 / ISO: 9001 - 2008, Halal, BPOM-MD, and is still an active member of ASPADIN (Association of Bottled Water Company).

PT. Lingga Harapan is also equipped with dependable and professional human resources. The total workforce is 373 employees consisting of 250 male employees and 123 female employees. And each and every company employees are applying the ISO Quality Management System: 9001 – 2008 consistently and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

PT. Lingga Harapan specializes in Reverse Osmosis technology and Ultraviolet scan to process our bottled water which makes the company different than the others, resulting in a much healthier while maintaining high quality outcome. To always monitor and maintain the quality of the bottled water we produce, PT. Lingga Harapan is equipped with our own laboratory facilities to be able to test our finished products and complimented with laboratory equipment that is periodically calibrated by the local calibration agency. Therefore, PT. Lingga Harapan is commited to always strive to satisfy our customers by producing a high quality and healthy drinking water in accordance with the requirements of SNI: 01 – 3553 – 2006.

Vision & Mission

To be the pioneer of bottled water producer in Jambi province since 1992. Maintaining customer satisfaction and to be the sole choice of bottled water in Jambi province and surrounding areas.

To produce bottled water in accordance with our customer or consumer demands. To provide protection and satisfaction to customers or consumers. And to maintain consistency of product quality of our bottled water.


PT. Lingga Harapan constantly evaluates its production activities to be developed in achieving continuous improvement, constantly improving its effectiveness in establishing quality policy and means to be achieved, and always prioritizing the importance of fulfilling customer or customer satisfaction.